$17.00 hourly
  • Yu Sun
  • Kingsdale Ave, North York, ON M2N 3W7, Canada
  • Mar 07, 2024
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Job Description

Job title: Housekeeper

NOC Code: 65310 – TEER 5


Company Operating Name:

Yu Sun


Home Location:

Kingsdale Ave, North York

Postal Code: M2N 3W7


Contact Information:



Terms of Employment:

Permanent full-time, 40.00 hours per week

Monday to Friday (09:00 AM to 05:00 PM)


Salaries and wages:

$17.00 per hour



·        Perform daily cleaning tasks in bedrooms, including making the bed, changing linens, and tidying up surfaces and keep linen closet organized;

·        Vacuuming and mopping floors in the living room, dining room, and family room;

·        Regularly organize and arrange toys, books, and other belongings in the children's rooms and playground to maintain a neat and orderly environment;

·        Scrubbing and disinfecting bathrooms, including toilets, sinks, and showers;

·        Cleaning and sanitizing kitchen surfaces, appliances, and fixtures, including rice cooker, air fryer, microwave, and washing machine;

·        Wiping down surfaces in common areas such as hallways and entryways.

·        Cleaning and dusting staircases, banisters, and railings;

·        Washing windows, walls, and ceilings as needed to maintain cleanliness and appearance;

·        Daily emptying trash containers and dispose of waste properly throughout the house.


  1. Education: Completion of secondary school is required.
  2. Experience: At least 1 year’s experience as a housekeeper at a private home


Other skills/conditions:

  1. Basic knowledge of operating household appliances such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners
  2. Ability to organize and prioritize tasks efficiently
  3. A keen eye for detail to ensure all areas of the home are thoroughly cleaned and maintained to high standards
  4. Effective time management skills to complete tasks within specified timeframes
  5. Respect for the privacy and confidentiality of the homeowner and their personal belongings
  6. Dependability and trustworthiness are crucial qualities


Language: Can communicate well in English.