Computer Manager

$60.00 hourly
  • FundCount
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Sep 21, 2022
Full time Engineering

Job Description

We are FundCount, a growing international fintech company with a global office and staff footprint and a 20-year pedigree. We provide a powerful and unique unified software solution for investment, general and partnership accounting and analysis that delivers operational efficiency and insight to investment management professionals – Family Offices, Fund Administrators and Alternative Fund Managers. We are located at 60 Atlantic Avenue, 2nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario M6K 1X9.


We are seeking to hire a Computer Manager. This is a full time, permanent position for 40 hours per week at a wage rate of $60 per hour.  


Must possess the following:


·         Must have bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science;

·         Combination of experience in a technical role (Developer, QA Engineer, Team Lead) and Product Manager’s/ Product Owner’s role;

·         5+ years’ experience as a Senior Software Developer, Senior QA engineer or Development Team Lead;

·         3+ years’ experience in delivering successful software products either as a Product Manager or a Product Owner or in a similar role (e.g. product development, product design, product marketing) in B2B Enterprise FinTech, where a candidate was directly responsible for design, development, and delivery of a product;

·         Minimum 3 years’ experience working in an Agile Scrum team;

·         Understanding core concepts of general accounting, investment accounting, partnership accounting, general ledger, alternative fund structures;

·         Performance calculation and modern statistics basics knowledge: IRR, TWR, Sharpe Ratio, etc;

·         Understanding basics of security standards and procedures for enterprise software. Experience in implementation and ongoing maintenance is a big plus;

·         Extensive experience in working with Jira/Confluence or similar software;

·         Experience in launching enterprise products in Amazon Web Services, understanding DevOps Engineers’ tasks and their responsibilities;

·         Experience in development and implementation of product integration with third-party applications based on popular platforms (Zapier, Mulesoft, etc.);

Job duties are described below:

•         Study subject area and market trends, analyze competitors products and user cases of existing customers.

•         Segment customers, formulate their needs by segments (Family Offices, Fund Administrators, etc) and regions; prioritize and manage those aspects.

•         Collect, analyze, formalize and manage product requirements in the form of business requirements, functional and non-functional requirements, and user stories.

•         Participate in the company product line development (marketing events, webinars, work at exhibitions and presale).

•         Formulate, manage and implement product development and promotion strategies with the team.

•         Form and manage Product backlog, prioritize tasks, evaluate goals and agree on requirements for new tasks, translate tasks from the language of the Customer's needs into the language of tasks for the development team.

•         Manage creation of common functionality that solves the problems of the target audience, and not a separate organization.

•         Communicate with applied specialists (designers, developers, analysts) to set and solve tasks.

•         Evaluate the quality of product documentation.

•         Take care of the user experience quality when working with the product.

•         Participate in making decisions on the final development price for the customer with the Implementation Department and other Managers.

•         Advise the Implementation Department on options for possible solutions to customer problems based on the product by segment.

•         Create and maintain demonstration data sets, reports and processes for them by segments.

•         Communicate with the Sales Department and application specialists to clarify the requirements for them.


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