Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic

$30.00 hourly
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  • May 02, 2022
Full time Automotive

Job Description


Title: - Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic
Salary: - $30 per hour
Hours: - 30-40 hours per week
Education: - Completion of Secondary school
Work Location: - Bolton, Ontario
Employment Requirements: - Minimum 2-year Experience

About us:
Since 1992 S&R trucking offers high quality service. We realize that loyal customers appreciate personalized and professional service. Therefore, every day we continue to improve our operations and systems to provide better services to our clients.

If you want to be a part of our growing family, you can email your resumes at zina@srtruckinginc.com

Job duties and Responsibilities: -

  • Perform routine maintenance on trucks, such as checking batteries and changing oil to ensure proper vehicle running
  • Inspect various parts of trucks, including brake systems, wheel bearings and steering mechanisms to ensure they are in the proper condition to operate effectively
  • Use different tools and equipment, such as pressure gauges, pneumatic wrenches, welding equipment, screwdrivers, hoists and jacks, to repair trucks while constantly utilizing safety precautions
  • Diagnose malfunctions in defective equipment by inspecting and testing using devises such as motor analyzers, handheld computers and chassis charts to determine how to address problems
  • Test vehicles to ensure they are running properly and to find issues to determine what the solution will be
  • Replace parts, valves, bearings and gears as needed and repair vehicle cooling and heating systems
  • Measure vehicle emissions to ensure they are in the proper limits
  • Ensure parts conform to factory specifications by inspecting and verifying clearances and dimensions
  • All other relevant tasks.