Ethic Cook - Filipino Cuisine



Original Barrio Fiesta of Manila Restaurant

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Ethic Cook - Filipino Cuisine


Toronto, ON 

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Full time


$17.00/ hr for 40 hours/week.


Restaurant And Food Service

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Location: 134A-45 Overlea Blvd, Toronto, ON, Postal Code: M4H1C3
Employer: Original Barrio Fiesta of Manila Restaurant
Position: Ethic Cook - Filipino Cuisine (NOC: 6322)
Employment Type: Regular, full time
Number of Vacancies: One
Terms of Employment: Permanent, Full Time, with variable shift hours and overtime from Monday
to Sunday
Work Setting: Restaurant and catering/party locations.
Salary: $17.00 hourly, for 40.00 hours per week, Gratuities.
Anticipated Start Date: Flexible but the earliest possible

Job Requirements:

Skills and qualifications:
Compulsory Education: Completion of high school.
Preferred: Relevant vocational training and/or certifications.
Languages: English (moderate fluency for day to day communication - spoken & written).
3-5 years of active and demonstrable experience in preparing, garnishing, presenting and serving Filipino cuisine and delicacies in varying bulk quantities in a restaurant setting.
Material/Ingredients Handling Specializations:
- Stocks, soups and sauces.
- Eggs and dairy.
- Cold kitchen (salads, appetizers, sandwiches).
- Vegetables, fruits, nuts and mushrooms.
- Meat, Poultry, Pasta, Fish, Seafood.
Types of Preparations:
- Short orders, Multi-course meals.
- Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners.
- Banquets, Buffet, Party preparations.

Job Duties:

- Prepare and cook recipes and preparations as listed above using ingredients as listed above.
- Plan menus ensuring variety, balance of flavours, and price.
- Determine size of portions.
- Ensure quality of ingredients and prepared food. Inspection of kitchen, storage and food serving
- Cook general and specialized dishes using specialized equipment.
- Train and supervise staff in preparation, cooking and handling of food. Supervise helpers and
- Maintain inventory of cooking supplies and equipment and overall management of kitchen
- Organize and manage buffets and banquets.
Attributes and skills:
- Demonstrated ability to work with minimal supervision.
- Demonstrated experience of management of a large commercial Filipino kitchen employing
about six workers.
- Pleasant demeanour and ability to work in a team.
- Ability to research and create new recipes.
- Reading, Numeracy, Writing, Communication.
- Decision making, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Planning and Organization.
Other Information:
- Security/police clearance may be requested.
- Relocation costs will be covered by employer.
- Employer will help with finding accommodation.
- Public transportation is available.
Barrio Fiesta 134A-45 Overlea Blvd
Toronto, ON, Canada

Phone: 1-647-345-7660
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