The Barefoot Gecko Cantina Mexicana

The Barefoot Gecko Cantina Mexicana was born in 2017 from restauranteur Sally Graham’s desire to bring a slice of the Baja to the Sunshine Coast. Every detail—from the hand-painted tiles to the carefully crafted cocktails—reflect Sally's wish to recreate the authentic Mexican dining experience. And she succeeded!

Today, we continue that effort. Chef Carlos and Sous Chef Yohanna have carefully chosen authentic menu items from not only their hometowns, but all parts of Mexico. Everything is made from scratch, in house and with love, including the only house-made tortilla shells on the Sunshine Coast. Come taste the difference.

General Manager Andrea Aleong and her team are committed to providing exceptional customer service, inspired by authenticity and defined by our mission to be the most beloved restaurant on The Sunshine Coast. All of this makes the Barefoot Gecko a dining experience like none other.