Liuyishou International Management Company (Canada) LTD.

Chongqing Liuyishou Hotpot was founded in 2000. Throughout the past 21 years, the entire team has continued to move forward by constantly honing their skills, evolving from a single hot pot restaurant on a small street to a franchise of over 1200 locations worldwide. Liuyishou restaurants can be found throughout China and in Canada, the USA, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Thailand, and France. Liuyishou fashionably healthy image, outstanding quality and authentic hot pot taste and culture have garnered the favour of countless cuisine lovers. Liuyishou Hot Pot arrived in Canada in 2014, and the first hot pot restaurant was set up in Richmond, BC. Liuyishou International Management Company (Canada) Ltd. was subsequently established in August 2015 to set up more hot pot restaurants, and currently, it has three hot pot restaurants in Greater Vancouver. Liuyishou hot pot specializes in a traditional Chongqing hot pot cuisine featuring tabletop cooking served in a metal pot filled with herbs and spices.